Wednesday Chatter

Hey everyone! Sorry haven't chatted sooner it's been super busy around here. I posted some new specials in the Bead Happy gallery yesterday. I didn't get as many specials done as I had hoped I'm getting really swamped with custom orders for lampwork beads, jewelry and Bridal so the bead specials may start to get fewer and far between with the holidays upon us but I'll try my best. Snowmen are all SOLD OUT and my Ho Ho Ho special I think may be it for the Christmas beads for this season.

Lot's of Brides are getting geared up for their spring and summer weddings, Congratulations girls! I'm having a blast working with all of you. I've seen this funny reality type show on WE called Bridezilla's it's pretty funny to watch and I have to say I have never in all the years creating bridal designs and all of the brides I've worked with come across a bridezilla (knocking on wood lol!) All of my brides have been terrific and such a pleasure to chat with and work with.

So what's on my to do list for today? lot's! I'll be spending much time at the torch working on orders I slacked a bit last night and ended up having dinner with my parents and then me and my mom got sucked into a Lifetime movie so I didn't get any work done until late. I'll also be working on bridal orders and getting some regular jewelry orders packaged up to ship as well and then I'm going to settle in to work on some new creations that have been showing up in my dreams that I'm eager to sketch out and try. I'll be sure to post some sneak peek pics here for you as soon as I have some goodies to show. I have some new Chalcedony faceted briolettes that are completely blowing me away with how gorgeous they are and also some new Picasso tabletop Czech that I think might also be a new addiction with me because they are just so unique.

Oh also before I sign off the second bead show is a no go for me :( because it is too far of a treck to travel and this holiday season is just getting busier and busier but there may be a few more in the works for later in winter and spring time for sure. The other jewelry show is a private home party and is coming up in a few weeks so I need to get a move on getting more things together for that as well. And for those who have been following along with my holiday shopping debacles you'll be proud of me to know that I actually got some good Christmas shopping done over the weekend! A couple more good days like that I'll be ready and good to go! lol! and since I haven't done so in a while here is another ....


I've picked up to read once again Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix everyone who knows me knows that I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fanatic. So of course I highly recommend the whole HP series to anyone and everyone. Also I will be soon starting Sam's Letters to Jennifer" by James Patterson for my BookMasters reading group as well as The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks for my PollBooks group. My reading goal for the New Year (which is something different I set for myself every year) is to try and make my way through the BookerPrize winners list and to read more classics. Last year I read an article on Stephen King who says he tries to read at least 80 books a year (almost 2 books a week) so I used that as my goal and proudly accomplished it! What else is on my TBR (To Be Read) pile to hold me over through the holidays? Here's my list- One vacant chair by Joe Coomer , Little earthquakes : a novel by J
ennifer weiner, Brideshead revisited by Evelyn Waugh, The Jew store by Stella Suberman, Metro girl by Janet Evanovich and A great and terrible beauty by Libba Bray. I'd love to here about what you are reading you can post a comment by clicking below or even email me!


larrykim said…
hey grrrrrrl,

i was just in your neighborhood, so i stoped by. i am glad you are still blogging away. by the way, thanks for the info on the pendant. i was able to find one and order it, but it turned out it wasn't what i expected. maybe you can make me a manly necklace for me. i am willing to pay top dollars... i think....

anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hellooow. oh by the way, i shaved my head... hehehe... i look like a freak now, but i love it!!! i feel so free... like nothing can ever bother me. i don't care what i look like and i don't care what anyone says... i just am as happy as a little school girl... hahaha

oh well, i am gonna go now, but i will be back some other time... check out my website and sign my guest book some time... by the way, where is my picture???? hahaha

peace and out
Star*Girl said…
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Star*Girl said…
Hey Larry!!! Glad to help with the pendant sorry you couldn't find exactly what you wanted but I think I know what you want so I'd be happy to make a nice manley (sp? hmm...) necklace for you something that won't steal your new haircuts' thunder:) I used to have a whole collection on my site of men's jewelry but not too many men normally would think to check a site called Star GIRL so therefore I scrapped the whole thing but do get the occasional custom request. How's the manuscript coming along? Marsha is still MIA adjusting to her crazy move we talk on the phone quite often however the poor gal is in the boonies and her only other option for internet is dial up...gasp! You need to post a pic of your new do on your site I'll be over to bug you some more soon don't you worry I'm all over that blog and this time I know NOT to press back and back up the system with a 100 of the same messages lol!
PS. I'll sign your guest book no worries.
pps. Plan A for your picture didn't pan out as planned so I'm working on a plan B.
PPPS or PPSS. not sure about that will have to look it up but anyways glad you stopped by I wish you'd stop by and blog more often!
PPSSS Oh whatever- If you still want the manly (sp? still not sure.) necklace just let me know and I"ll send you some pics of some possibilities and I promise I won't drain your wallet.

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