Thursday, December 16, 2004

Thursday update

Hey everyone, Hope you all are staying warm it's freezing here in Michigan snowy on and off but the temps really dip low and fast especially at night. Today I'll be putting some time aside to work on some new pieces and get some pictures of the new bridal pieces I've been working on as custom orders for my brides so I can get those added to the Bridal Suite. I love working with my brides for custom pieces the results are always stunning and it's so much fun especially once they see their vision created and complete to see their reactions. On a very sad note I just talked to Marsha and her cat passed away:( I feel aweful about it it's so sad and I know she is as big a cat lover as I am and we treat our cats like babies so I just feel aweful that she has to go through this. So please keep her in your thoughts and prayers because this is really hard for her. Thanks everyone. I'll try to get on a little later for some more chatter if I can.

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