I'm so glad it's the weekend. This weekend I'm hoping to accomplish more xmas shopping, planning to rent "Dodgeball" and I'm waiting on another shipment of Swarovksi's and some other yummies but I don't think they will show up until after the weekend. So I'll have a nice little break and will be working on some WOWSA! earrings to wear for the big Christmas party my mum hosts every year for her office. The party is next weekend so I've got time but I've bubbling with ideas since my dress has a very vintage feel to it and has this gorgeous vintage brooch added to it. The pressure is always on because everytime I leave the house everyone who knows what I do for a living is always scoping me out to see what new jewelry I'm wearing! So yeah the pressures on! lol! DH Joe is very excited for the party, we go every year but this year will be his first as a Realtor so he's getting a kick out of this:) Anyhow I hope everyone has a nice laid back weekend as I hope to have. I'm still sniffly and coughy so I'm looking forward to doing a whole lotta nothing. :)
Have a great weekend!


larrykim said…
dodgeball? that is a good movie. it has inspire me to build a dodgeball facility here in town and start an extreme dodgeball league. i have a meeting with our city council and mayor next thursday for the proposal... i dont' know what's wrong with me... but i feel that if i build it... they will come. i will post some pictures on my website once it is built.
Star*Girl said…
Joaney loves Chachi! lol!!

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