Long time no chat...oops!

Hey! Geez, didn't think I had gone that long without a chat with you guys! I can't belive it's Wednesday already that's just nuts! This week is flying! I guess I've just kinda lost myself in work this week for sure. Still not taking anymore Lampwork orders there are still a few sets left on the Bead Happy Page. I'll be updating my Lampwork gallery soon too and switching out some sets that I'm sick of remaking and put in some new ones that I've recently made etc. but I'll let you all know when I'm caught up and recovered lol! Now that Marsha's back online and good to go I'll give you a little hint of a new addition to Star Girl Jewelry, well not so much a hint really I'll just say that not only in Marsha super duper talented at web design but also at Jewelry design her self and so we are doing a bit of a collaboration on a new collection. I'll keep you updated but it's going to be super cool and I'm really excited and so now we're just brainstorming, sketching and creating and wait till you see what we have come up with! What else is going on...hmm....nothing else much just working alot playing catch up and still knee deep in Swarovski crystals and bridal orders (My favorite! so I don't mind lol!). Nothing new finished this week for specials or new pieces but I'm working on it. I'll keep you updated as usual and I promise I won't go this long without chat that's just unheard of for me lol! Have a great night!


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