La di Dah! Holidays!

I cannot belive how fast the holidays go. Every year it seems to sneak up on us faster and faster! The forcast says we have a big storm that is going to hit tonight so if it actually really does hit us I don't think I'll be able to finish up the few little teeny last minute presents that I need to pick up until xmas eve I'm not too worried about it though. DH Joe's holidays from work start tonight he went in a few hours early and will be getting off at 9pm instead of his usual 1 or 3 am. Presents need to be wrapped, desserts and dips will probably get made tomorrow and Friday and I'll be thinking merry thoughts and sending warm holiday wishes your way. I know I'll get some more chatting time in tomorrow and this weekend but a lot of you are going away or super busy with company coming in for visits so I'll just wanted to express my gratitude and thanking all of my wonderful customers for supporting me, encouraging me, emailing me wonderful friendly, fun emails, giving terrific suggestions, being oh so sweet and wonderful to chat and work with and for allowing me to wake up each day and head into the studio to work and do what I love doing the most and getting to do it for a living! Each year I make more and more friends online both with customers and fellow lampworkers. The lampworking community is one I feel very fortunate to be a part of. I have made so many wonderful new friends and with artists who's styles vary so much and whose talents leave me in awe and striving to learn new things and try new techniques. Many of whose pieces of glass art I own myself. For the new year I plan to incorporate not only my own lampwork's of art but also lately more so than usual I just haven't been able to control myself at creating with many of my lampworker friends bead creations as well so you'll be seeing some wonderful collaboration of artists in many of my pieces to come. With all this said I'll leave it here for now and wish everyone a Merry Holiday, no matter which Holiday you celebrate and safe travel. For those of you who have time to stick around and chat with me or read my ramblings I'll be here and posting away! lol! Happy Holidays!


wobbeegone said…
Marianna, you are a long winded chick!
Well lots of merry ho ho's to you!
You're site is finally getting updated after how long?
Since moving to the farm I've been reduced to DIAL UP...gasp! This is taking forever!
Oh poor me.
I need a tissue.


I need to get on the ball man!
I am waiting on two supply orders to get here, have some last minute jewelry orders to get on. Some wrapping to do.
Got goodies to make.
Made some chocolate dipped pretzels the other day, the ones with the little candy ball sprinklies? Had 3 miniture sets of hands lurking under the countertop waiting and holding their breath that soon I would drop something and the moment it hit the counter it was immediately sucked up.
Better than a dirt devil dust buster I tell you what.

I'm feeling inspired.
I think I'll go blog on my own blog eh?
Star*Girl said…
mmmmmmmm...pretzels AND chocolate! what a combo! You're way ahead of me chica. I'm ganna follow you to your blog now
Star*Girl said…
PS. have you heard from larry? LARRY?!!!!! Where are you?!!!!
wobbeegone said…
i haven't made it there yet, i keep blogging yours!

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