Friday woohoo!

This week really flew by I think the more presents I still need to buy the faster the weeks go. I'm definitely feeling the pressure to finish up my xmas shopping and get to wrapping! I'll have some sneak peaks up for you here later on tonight I wanted to show these really pretty earrings that I created custom for a Bride but truthfully they are just gorgeous and can be worn for any occassion even with jeans and sweater to the grocery store would work.

Also you'll get to see a new pair of Chalcedony and Carnelian earrings I did up. Chalcedony and Lapis are my two favorite gemstones so these earrings are right up my alley and the Chalcedony is faceted and briolette which makes them even more oh lala. I forsee me needing to create a pair for my own private collection very soon :) They give a really yummy warm wintery feel when paired up with a chunky sweater it's a cozy classic look you'll see what I mean as soon as I can get them posted.

Tomorrow is my mum's office annual Xmas party! It's always a fun night and especially fun to get all dolled up and do some dancing too lol! I'll try to post some pictures of the party as well.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'm sure most of you are doing a lot of last minute shopping as well especially since it's really getting down to the wire and this coming week will really zoom by fast so enjoy your weekend! I'll try to pop in through out the weekend for some chatting and updates and picture posting. Be sure to stop by later on to see some sneak peeks! Enjoy the weekend!


wobbeegone said…
i thought carnelian was one of your favs?
and are you sending pics to me or to Ron cause i'm in the middle of reloading your site onto my hd to start publishing again.
and by the way, when are you ever home cause i've tried calling you for the last two days now and i can never catch you.
wobbeegone said…
oh and i forgot to add...
thank you for the warm fuzzies about my kitty.
she has an identical sister and you would think that would make it easier cause it would be like she's not really gone but it's worse and i wont go into why cause i just gone done crying spontaneously over her already tonight and i have a headache which reminds me i need to go take some aleve. nite nite.
Star*Girl said…
I haven't posted any new pics to ron I've just been waiting for the thumbs up from you so I'll have some ready to go and about not catching me at home when you call (I'm home I'm just not up that early!!!! duh lol!) but also , long story...well sort of, but anyways good stuff so I'll tell you tonight!!!!!!
And Joe was really sad about your kitty too and he says he's really sorry you've had to go through it.
Star*Girl said…
Oh yeah PS. I do also LOVE LOVE LOVE Carnelian who wouldn't?! :)

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