Brrrrr Monday

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? I hope you are staying warm it's been literally freezing here in Michigan all weekend I'm talking sub zero temps! The malls are mad houses and rather than stalking for a parking spot or parking way out in the middle of no where and freezing my buns off I've resorted to online shopping. It's terrific! so far I've been able to find everything that I still needed to buy AND guaranteed arrival by Christmas! That's what I'm talking about! So in the mean time I've been gearing up for some new arrivals and surprises for the new year so you can expect some terrific things from Star Girl in 2005. Also real quick , Sorry to have to announce it again but I am still curently NOT accepting any Lampwork Custom orders but I'll keep you updated. I am currently up to my ears in Bridal orders. Bridal orders may just have to be my most favorite thing about my job. I didn't expect to get so busy so fast usually the spring and summer 2005 brides get their orders in right after the new year but there are a TON of 2005 brides!!! Congratulations girls! and thank you for allowing me to create all the gorgeous jewelry and wedding day accessories for you, I really appreciate it and once again have to say how terrific and nice to work with all of you are and have been. You really make my job very enjoyable and make me feel so lucky and fortunate that I get to wake up each day and do what I love to do most. No new updates or items going up until after the new year but you can get some sneak peeks here in the mean time so you can get a heads up on what's coming. Plus as soon as I can get them uploaded I'll post some pictures of my mum's office xmas party that we went to this weekend. We had a blast and I got lot's of fantastic and fun pictures so I'll get some of those up for you later on. I'll be back later and chat more but one thing I do actually have to leave the house for unfortunatly is wrapping paper and tape!!!!!! I knew I was forgetting something!!!! Be back later!


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