Are you still recovering from the Hols. like me? LOL!

Hey everyone!! Hope you all are recovering from the holidays well. We had a terrific weekend filled with lot's of great food, fun and games and lot's and lot's of family! I hope you all got spoiled by Santa like I did:)

Also have you see the new Star Girl addition?! Top Floor Limited will house strickly one of a kind, rare, unique designs. I have collaborated my designs and skills with my dear and talented friend and designer Marsha for some really spectacular looks. Top Floor will feature pieces create using rare vintage components, one of kind handmade Venetian glass beads, handmade poly beads and pendants, vintage Swarovski pieces and so much more! It's a new venture and a great way to spread our wings a bit to try out new things with jewelry design. You'll never walk down the street or into a department store and find anything like what you will find in the Top Floor collection so for those of you who like to collect special pieces and enjoy unique beauties, then Top Floor Limited collection is the place to be.

So it's becoming a slow poke Tuesday for me so I need to get back to beading up some bridal orders. I'll try to get another chat in later. Hope all is well with you and have a great day!


wobbeegone said…
Why don't you answer you phone woman?
Star*Girl said…
I'm tellin' ya what a slow poke of a day. I'm dragging my behind big time so to answer your question it's either eating or napping:) what's up with CSI not being on the last 2 nights!!!!? It's been the same crazy old movie that makes no sense to me.
wobbeegone said…
oh i don't know, i haven't been able to watch it since i'm here now.
george eads has skills, i tell you what!
Star*Girl said…
george eads has more than just skills lol! I'm going through CSI withdrawl anyone else? ahhhh but tonight that shall be resolved! hooray!

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