2005? What!!?

I'm a little freaked out! For some strange reason it just dawned on me today while chatting with my dear friend Sue in Australia that it's going to be 2005!!!! That just blows my mind! I can remember it taking me a very long time to remember to write 2004 I would flash back through my journals and laugh because I'd had still been writing 2003 half the times and so I just know this 2005 is going to take some practicing to remember to write lol!
Well not much new to report many of you are still recovering from the holidays. The brides are all coming out full force now that the holidays are pretty much over and continuing with their planning and so that is where I gladly come in...so I'm signing off to get back to bridal orders, getting crystal color samples mailed out, comparing swatches and creating lot's of sparkly jewelry! Have a great evening I'll try to chat more later on!


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