Tuesday update

I actually got a lot accomplished yesterday! Joe's new website is looking really good links and pictures need to go in still but the basics are there and then I worked on some really pretty gemstone bracelets, just a simple design style with and silver bead thrown in off centered to give it an abstract look and then added one of my favorite pewter little message charms to the clasp. I'm going to make up a couple more in different gemstones with different messages because it's such a nice classic style these would make great gifts for those hard to buy for gals because it is nothing too busy and nothing to plain. I didn't get any torch time last night maybe tonight though but I've been working on a Christmas tree project for a local charity auction and I thought I was going to have until Thursday but it turns out it needs to be in by tomorrow! eek! so last night I was working on it all relaxed and in my "no biggie" mode but after finding out today that it's due in tomorrow I've been a maniac today about it lol! So I'm about to make another run to the craft store because I cannot find my favorite glue gun anywhere!! I know I hid it because I had it out one day when I was glueing some beaded fringe to a lampshade and I had my little nephew over and I just hid it to get it out of the way real quick but now I don't know where I hid it!! geesh! ah, well. Also I'm not 100% sure yet but I think I may be adding another bead show to my calender not sure of specifics yet so I'll post more info later. Also don't forget about the Bead happy Specials I know they went up earlier than usual but they're up so be sure to check those out. Now I'm out the door and I'll be back later for another chat most likely :) Bye for now!


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