Tuesday chat

Hey everyone! Long time no chat, or so it seems. We had a terrific weekend celebrating Joe's new Real Estate status and we also got the garage finished! I started working on my own little(BIG) project of remodeling my upstairs bathroom which is attached to my studio. I have big visions for that bathroom and plan to make it into my own private spa haven so I started out by removing all the wallpaper (yuk!) and then redoing some drywall and spackling. Now I'm looking through for some really cool paint techniques to do to the wall and I've picked out a pretty pastel like green that is a cross between minty and teal like aqua color, it's very pretty. I'll keep you updated on the progress and plan to do everything by myself and will try not to call on Joe for help unless I absolutley have to since I really want this to be my own project but I know he's just itching to get in there and help and it's driving him nuts so we'll see :) On the bead and jewelry front: I think I'm done listing on ebay for a while. My experiments went great for a while and then took a turn for the worse which is depressing and fustrating. But many of you have been emailing me looking for specials so I'm going to be listing a few specials soon and putting up new jewelry too!!! Lot's of gorgeous stuff and really unique styles I'm excited to show you. I'll send out a new newsletter once all of that get's underway and in the mean time I'm going to go work on some Holiday beads for custom orders and then maybe tear into the walls in the bathroom a bit, I have this crazy but cool idea that I hope works otherwise it'll be back to the drawing board and I'll have to re dry wall...again! Keep your finger's crossed for me that it all pans out like it should :) I'll be back on later for another update!


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