Thank goodness it's Friday! What a busy, busy week! My batch of snowmen is quickly depleteing so I will be working on keeping it stocked up for you all and I'm glad you all think they are as cute as I do:) I'm working on a few custom bead orders and hopefully finishing those up this weekend and then getting some play time to finish up some bead specials I started. Also I've been playing around with more briolettes to create some simple sterling silver and gemstone necklaces and earrings. I also have a new Bridal Sparklies necklace that I'll be adding to the collection. It's a gorgeous piece of 3 strands of floating crystals that was recently requested for a custom design for a bride so I've been working on those and I'll try to have a picture ready to add to the collection soon. I love working on custom pieces whether they be for lampworking, bridal or the main collection. It's pretty thrilling for me to collaborate ideas with my customers and sketch out various designs and then put them into full gear and see the outcome of new creations! So I'm off for now to catch up on emails and get the house picked up a bit before settling down to work some more. Have a terrific weekend!


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