Taking a break for a chat

Today I started the day going straight away up to my studio and into the bathroom project I've been working on to sand down all of my mudding and spackling. I couldn't stand it anymore, I've been playing with this crazy idea in my head all week and decided to just do it. So to give you an idea of what I"m talking about you'll have to picture the stairway going up to my studio, the ceilings are vaulted and very high and when you look up on the right that wall houses my bathroom on the other side upstairs and there are no windows in the bathroom but there is a huge window at the back of my studio were the vaulted ceiling and stairway is so I decided to create some "light boxes" if you will, some faux skylights in the bathroom in a way, ok, ok, basically I went through the wall! eek I freaked out a bit once I actually got through and I had already checked for bearing wall and electrical wires in the wall and made sure I stayed between studds etc and it looks awesome!!! I've only got one done and three more to go but already with just the one it's let so much more natural light in! So just thought I'd share this break through (literally lol!) since you guys have been following me on carpentry adventure and the most time I get to work on it is on the weekends and I needed a break from all the dust so dropped in to say HI! and that the house is still standing and all is well lol!
PS. I hadn't really let DH Joe in on my vison or plan so he came in from working on his garage projects and needless to say was quite shocked but pleasantly suprised and loves it.
Be back later maybe with a picture or two!


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