Sunday weekend winding down

Boohoo! No Desparate Housewives tonight:( We rented Stepford Wives instead. I'm excited to see it! Joe, not so much but he doesn't have much choice since he got to pick the last rental. Compromise, compromise! lol! I got lot's of torch time in today just kept going until I ran out of mandrels so if I like the way they all turned out there should be some really pretty sets for Tuesday Specials! One more " Faux window" to frame out but I'm beat so I'm ganna catch up with that later this week here and there. It's going to be a busy week lot's of bridal orders that need to go out and next weekend is my friend Kellie's Bridal Shower so from Wednesday on I'm all her's doing my Bridesmaid duties and helping with the party favors and decorations. It seems once the shower is over the wedding is right around the corner in no time so I'll be working feverishly on the beading for the BM's dresses and jewelry soon too but that's all fun stuff especially when Swarovski's are involved, my favorite! I can't belive how fast November is going! Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! It's definitly one of my most favorite holidays if not just for the food alone! lol! And Christmas shopping! Oh jeez, don't get me started or I'll really get into a panic! I'll freak out about that in tomorrow's blog because for now I'm just going to go get in my jammies, make some dinner and watch my movie. See you all tomorrow!


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