Specials are Up!!!

Specials are up and ready to go! Ron kicks major butt and I emailed him all the new goodies and I kid you not , not even 5 mins later , tah dah! WOW! I am so excited with all the new jewelry pieces that I have been working really hard on. I have been in love with seeking out vintage beads and components so you'll start to see a lot more One of a Kind pieces popping up in my designs meaning that the beads and findings used are it, there's no more, you won't see anyone else walking down the street with them, they are vintage and heirloom pieces and I'm very proud of that. I've been working on a new line for Star Girl of evening bags all hand embellished by me using vintage findings as well. There is just something about the look and feel of vintage that leaves me in awe. They are so unique and gorgeous and the thing I'm most excited about with these bags are that they will take you from jeans casual to ball room evening stunning, I'm not kidding you! There's still a ways to go before they will be ready to make their debut but I'm thinking of getting quite a few complete for my holiday show. Still no specific dates on the show but it'll be after Thanksgiving and before Christmas so I'll keep you updated! Ok I'm off for now to clean up a bit and then I'll be on in a bit for more chattering. Enjoy the special!


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