Show & Tell & Exciting News!

Lot's to show & tell today! Halloween was terrific I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun & safe Halloween! First off let me announce the Saturday Giveaway earring drawing winner... Congratulations to Erica B!!! Gorgeous earrings just let me know if you want pierced or clip-on and Enjoy! Second BIG BIG news: DH Joe just took and passed the Michigan Real Estate Exam!!!! He's been studying like mad for 3 weeks and we've been carrying around the flash cards he made and flashing pop quizzes every chance we got and creating sample tests to take using this cool computer programming to help study and it paid off! Next in line I have to point out that I have 2 really gorgeous auctions up so I hope you can check those out (and bid!!! LOL!) I have to give a HUGE thank you to by best friend Carrie (CEM lampwork) who lives pretty much down the street from me who helped me get really awesome pictures for those auctions she has a really cool photo editing program that totally gets the gray like flatness of pictures out and that way what you see is what you really are getting , it makes the colors look true and clear like they do in person , glass is so hard to capture on camera and even more so when there is such intricate details and designs on them so a HUGE thanks to her for helping me and my brother Frankie the computer techie nut has this program so he's going to let me use it for my pictures from now and hopefully tonight he will teach me and show me how to work all the features so I can do it myself. Now for the show part! Here are some pictures of all the cute little treats that came to our house yesterday, too cute! There is pics of Carrie's newest little pumpkin Matthew,Alyssa (the princess) ,Kyle (spiderman) , Me (the witch) w/ my nephew Giovanni another cute pumkin and My sister Joanne (the surgeon). We had so much fun!

Oops! I think that's my lipstick on the little pumkin's face lol!

Carrie's hiding behind the mini pumkin but I already warned her that her b-day is coming up fast and I'm blog happy when it comes to posting pics! lol!


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