Monday Update

I am way on top of my game today! I got all sorts of website updates today worked them out shot them over to Ron and ta dah! Done. Bead Specials are up early I know most of you don't even bother to check them until tomorrow but that's alright they are up and reminders emailed so no body misses out on anything just in case. Big updates on jewelry quantities available and what's limited and what is sold out completely. I'm leaving the sold out's up a bit longer before moving them to the archives because it's the holidays and you guys are shopping like mad and certain things are so limited if you do see something you absolutely can't live without or would love to give as a perfect gift and it says SOLD OUT on it I can try really hard to recreate it for you. Clearance items are really clearing out fast now and who can blame you? If you have anywhere near as many people to shop for as I do Clearance sections are always a blessing lol! Also custom orders that are NEEDED to arrive BEFORE Christmas have to be placed by Friday Dec. 10th. So now I'm off to work on Joe's new real estate web site he's teaming up with my sister who also does real estate it sort of packs a double punch for advertisments and turns out to be pretty economical too. I'll have a link up of that soon and maybe even scan a pic of his business card as soon as those come in just for kicks , aren't I a proud wife lol! I can't help it! Ok I'll be back for more chatting later on and hopefully show you some new sneek peeks of some new designs I've been working on. Stay tuned!


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