Monday chat

Hey everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Our weekend went by really fast it seemed. Busy and fun. My friend Kelly's Bridal shower yesterday went really well and then I spent the rest of the day in my pj's being a bum. I did however pull myself together long enough to sit down at the torch and make a few beads 1 set to be exact before my coughing started to really bug me and be annoying especially when I'm trying to decorate with a 1mm teeny tiny stringer. So being sick and trying to be able to see straight and not cough for detailing just don't go together well lol! Ah, well it's a holiday week which means the week usually flies by and so I'm going to just drag a ton of my bead bins down to the couch with me and play around keep sucking down cough drops and try no to pout too much about feeling crappy. At least the beads I did get done last night turned out really good so that much I'm pleased about I'll probably save them up and hopefully start feeling better so I can get some more sets together for a big offering of specials next Tuesday but we'll see. One good thing about not feeling like leaving the couch is I've been cozied up with my sketch book as well and I've been working on a new collection I've had this new idea that has me really excited so once I get some plans together and a few things going I'll let you in on on what the new addition to Star Girl Jewelry is. Ah, jeez I know you hate suprises and it's driving you nuts to know but I promise it's a really unique and fabulous addition. Still no news about bead shows and jewelry shows. I'm still waiting on the details for the bead show I'm not sure of the location yet but it might be too far of a trek for me espeically with the holidays so we'll see. I should be getting some more info tomorrow and I'll let you know. Yeesh, for a sick person I sure had a lot to say today! lol! Have a great night everyone and I also just real quick have to say that I'm ever so greatful to all of you who vote for me at top 25 and artzee and for your continued support I can't thank you enough. Artzee just reset it's votes today and already you guys have been voting like mad and I really appreciate it so much! Thanks everyone!


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