Sunday, November 28, 2004

Holiday Recovery Sunday

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a terrific Thanksgiving! Ours was great, lot's of awesome food, lot's of wonderful family and lot's o' lot's o' leftovers lol! Friday Joe and I dragged ourselves out of bed early to get in on the big shopping doorbusters sales were you think your getting there early but everyone else had the same idea as you and your stuck stalking people around the parking lot in your car following them while they walk to see where they parked and snag their spot. Alas, we resorted to creating our own faux parking spot instead since nobody seemed to be leaving us and another car simply added ourselves across from one another at the end of a row creating the illusion of a spot. Made it home around 2pm put all the goodies away and started on the decorations indoor and outdoor. I love this part of the holidays! Ate dinner and lazied about the house before mustering up enough energy to tackle the tree but everything looks great! Yesterday we did some more shopping and then I came home to burn the midnight oil at the torch to work on custom orders and have been doing the same thing today and from the looks of my list you guys are keeping me really busy so my week will continue on the same way as well. Specials this week will include only a few bead specials, a bridal piece or two and if I can squeeze some more time in later today to finish up some really cool new designs I've been working on I'll add those in this week as well. Hopefully I'll also have time to update the Designers gallery and the Brides Scrapbook gallery to add more pics that you all have sent to me, I've been slacking in that department sorry about that. I'm off for now to go work on some pictures of some new items and bead sets. The snowmen are just about completely sold out I've been added a few more here and there but the next few weeks will be filled with custom orders that need to be filled. Plus there will be a small Ho Ho Ho set similar to the one I had on ebay that you all seemed to enjoy and request I think this may be my last Christmas set this year I may be able to squeeze another one in on specials but we'll have to see. So I'll try to be back on later for more chatting but I'll be on for sure tomorrow with more updates.
Have a great night!

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