A Happy B day shout out and a short chatter

Happy Birthday Carrie!!! Today is Carrie's B-day and so I thought I'd wish her nice big Happy Birthday here because I know she'll be embarassed and possible kick my butt but she posted a nice big banner on her site for my b-day too so I don't feel as bad lol!!!! Plus she's known me long enough to know that I pick on her out of love :) So Happy Birthday Carrie!!!

And now for some short chatter: No bead specials or new designs were put up this week for many reasons. I've been sick with a cold and cough and haven't got a whole lot done this week, I've been putting what energy I do have into working on a new line that my friend Marsha will be collaborating artistic talents with me and trying to work out all the details and ideas and also because it's Thanksgiving week, people are off work, out of town, turning their kitchens into a sweatshop slaving away for the yummy meals to feed all their guests that will be sharing the holiday with them (my meal slaving begins tonight, eek!) and so I know how busy everyone get's so I've delayed the specials for once everyone has recovered from the holiday and is all geared up and energized to really crack down on their holiday shopping. I'll try to pop in either later or tomorrow for another quick chat but just in case. Happy Thanksgiving everyone from my family to yours!!! Have a wonderful blessed meal and safe travels! Talk more soon!

A picture of Carrie, Alyssa & me. I love this pic it's so cute! and look Carrie we don't look like fuzz heads!! woohoo!


Anonymous said…
HELLO! CARRIE HERE! That picture is horrible of me! GEEZ! We need to take more pictures together so that you have a larger selection to choose from!! Can't believe you stuck me on there- guess I deserve it. LOL! Okay so where are my presents???? LOL!!!!!
Star*Girl said…
Oh It is not! I love this picture! Your prezzies are sitting right here all nice and pretty. It's been a crazy weekend but you'll get them soon.

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