Eve of the Feast!

whew! taking a break from the kitchen for some chatting. I'm sure many of you are slaving away as well. I'm in charge of desserts which I really enjoy so I don't really call licking the mixing bowls clean slaving but I'll puff some flour on my face and be dramatic anyways lol! I had made an attempt to do some christmas shopping earlier so me and my mum head out to Ann Arbor where there is a huge and gorgeous mall, we're all prepared to get a bit of shopping done and then once again I get over to the shoes and bags and my eyes seem to glaze over and I begin to drool and needless to say I walked out of there hours later with out buying a single thing... for anyone on my list, that is. I know, I know!!! It's terrible of me! This was my 3rd attempt to get shopping for others done in the past 2 weeks and I've failed everytime! Next attempt will be on Friday, I will be accompanied by DH Joe since whenever I take him along he keeps me in line and stays focused on what needs to be done. And oh yeah! we have snow!!!!! Walked out of the mall to the first snow of the season and it was pretty heavy and sticking in Ann Arbor which is about 40 mins. tops from where I live in Monroe and the closer we drove to home the snow just started disappearing to rain my Dad almost didn't belive us that it was practically blizzarding at the mall, lol! It's headed our way though and we should see it through the night and early morning. It's pretty and fun but terrible to drive in. So I'm off now to get deviled eggs prepared and two more pies and then I'm heading up to work on some custom orders before calling it a night. Have a terrific & safe & wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! God Bless!


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