Wednesday chatter box

There are so many great places to chat about lampworking. Beadworkers have so many outlets like ISGB and Wet Canvas and it didn't take me long to notice how close knit the Lampworking community is and how nice and helpful and friendly everyone is. I have "met" so many nice lampworkers and made so many new friends. I've recently been chatting with Maria from Snozberry Beads who is super nice and extremely talented. I'm amazed at her incredible details and oh so cute critter beads check them out at she has really cool lampwork charms for every month of the year that are themed to certain holidays and seasonal events for each month! I can't belive it's Wednesday already! I'm suprised I have been functioning normal though , I have been having the worse time trying to get a good nights sleep. I'm not sure if it's quite insomnia or just a bad matress but on the brighter side of that I've managed to work on a lot of new designs so you can expect some really gorgeous pieces being added to the store soon. I'll give you some sneak peek pics later on so you can see what I've been up to. One of my favorites has been these gorgeous sterling silver smaller hoop earrings and I've created 3 sets of gemstone charm dangles for them so they can be interchanged and it's like having 3 different pairs of earrings. They also would make a perfect x mas gift especially if you have 3 special friends, 3 daughters, neices, etc because then you could split the set up and have a beautiful gift for each of them (or 2 if you choose to keep one pair for yourself! lol!) I also recently got some beautiful Opalite gemstone components in a recent shippment and I love this stone it's so magical looking. You see what I'm talking about as soon as I post some pics for you. I haven't done readers corner in a while so here it goes...

Readers Corner:
Second Glance by Jodi Picoult is what my nose has been buried in for the last couple of days. She is a terrific author and story teller and it's very easy to lose yourself in her books. This one is a very mysterious story with ghosts and secrets. It's not really a mystery or thriller but at the same time it can be spooky at times and beautiful at the same time. The paranormal activity and the research she put into this book is fantastic. Click on the book title above to read the full synopsis from Amazon. Well I'll leave it here for now and I'm going to go sneak in some more reading. Have a great day!


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