Thursday talk time!

Hey everyone! I just listed two more auctions, well one more new and one relist. Since Marsha is busy moving I decided to take that time to get a little reaquainted with ebay since I haven't really listed or used ebay in quite a bit. DH Joe decides I should conduct an expiriment so he's been managing my auctions this week lol! We've been trying to figure out the best time of day and days of the week and starting prices because I always get emails from people saying that they were watching and missed it because they were at work or asleep or not home etc. So this week I'm just having a little fun with my bead specials on ebay instead of on the Bead Happy page lol! So check out my auctions and feedback is always appreciated. Groovy Blossom and Raku Organica are the two new ones plus there are 3 that will be coming to end soon. Sorry I couldn't get a better pic of the Raku Organica that Raku color is so amazing to work with and so gorgeous and magical but boy oh boy is it ever a pain in the butt to try and get a good picture of! I think that is the only complaint about Raku on the bead boards lol! Enjoy!!!


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