Thursday chat

Hey everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your specials. I still have to mark SOLDS on the Bead Happy Specials but I'll get those posted as soon as possible so there's no confusion on what is still available and what is gone. Tonight I'm working on necklace designs and also another new fashion piece that is cool and funky that I'll be adding to the MISC. page if it all pans out as planned. Also I listed the Plum Mystery set and Xmas set on ebay because those two have been sitting on the specials page for a few weeks now (I thought they'd be the first to go!) so giving them a try on the bay. Low starting price in my humble opinion and if they don't go then I'm keeping them for myself because I've been eyeballing that Plum set from the minute I pulled it out of the kiln I've already daydreamed up about 5 different pieces of jewelry with those beads LOL! Behind the torch tonight I'm working on some custom work again but I'll be squeezing in some fun stuff I'm in a whimsical mood lately and also plan to utilize my jumbo lentil masher for some terrific focals or a set of them that would make a gorgeous bracelet, plus my own version of squeeze beads. There's lot's of creations going on in my head now if only I could find the time to sit down and do them! lol! Off for now to go get some more work done, Have a great night!


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