TGIF!! + Happy Halloween!

It's Friday AND this weekend is Halloween!!!! WooHoo!!! I have enjoyed this week so much, why? , well because on AMC everyday for the week before Halloween is Monster Fest which means nonstop scarey horror classics like Amityville Horror, Silver Bullet, The Omen, Halloween, Children of the Corn and tons more! So what better way to spend my week when Joe works afternoon shift, I'm trying to work hard on orders and then all of sudden I hear that know which music I'm talking about...and forget it I spend the rest of the night trying to work but too scared to open the closet door or go down to the basement to change out laundry loads. I LOVE to be scared I can't help it and this weekend there are scary movies playing non stop on marathon but at least Joe will be home all weekend so I think I'll finally muster up the courage to do some laundry lol!! It'll be a full house her on Halloween we've got all our little nephews and godchildren and friends' children and new babies coming over in there cute little costumes so as usually be sure to check back for some super cute pics. I have my costume all ready to go as well! lol! Well I'm off for now going to get some laundry and much needed cleaning done and maybe come back for another chat but just in case I don't get a chance to post again until after the weekend have a Happy and safe Halloween everyone!! I'll be pulling the Saturday Giveaway winner this weekend also so good luck and thank you so much for all of your votes and keeping me in the top 10 rankings you guys are the greatest and I really appreciate it so much! I'll post the winner here first before making any updates to the Contest page so check back! Enjoy your weekend!


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