Pics as promised

Here are some pics of my parents, today was their anniversary, tomorrow is my mom's birthday and then Tuesday is my sister Joanne's birthday so it's going to be a fun weekend! The first pic is of my parents at a recent wedding. The second pic is of my parents on a recent trip to Sicily where we are from and have a summer home there and the third pic is just a funny pic of my dad helping Joe with his tie for that recent wedding but just thought it was funny for you all to see how tall Joe is compared to my dad lol! Joe is 6'8" and my dad is about 5'8" and I thought that was a cute pic. I'm off now to go work on some new necklaces and then off to the torch for some bead time. Have a great weekend!


Julie said…
That is too funny...I have a sister named Joann as well! (Not spelled the same, but close enough!!!) And Happy Anniversary to your parents! :)

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