October! what?!

Bead Specials are up finally! woohoo! I'm sorry for the wait but Hurricane Jeanne but Marsha (who is my awesome friend and Webmaster who makes my site look so pretty all the time.) out of commission for a quite a bit and then I thought I had my pictures all ready to go but those got messed up and so the bead specials did manage to go up but the rest of the jewelry pieces will be going up in the next day or so once I get the picture situation straightened out. I'm excited for you to see all the gorgeous new pieces!
Can you belive it's October already?! I don't know what suprises me most, that it's Friday already or that it's October already! I love Halloween so I'm really excited about that and have already decorated my house full of fun Halloween stuff and hopefully will get to decorating the outside this weekend! Aside from finishing up some custom orders for bridal and beads the only thing I have planned for the weekend is working on new specials and we also just got a new garage door and opener so we'll be working on getting that up and the weather is supposed to be cool and sunny so I'm looking forward to enjoying some outdoor time in the yard . Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! So now I'm off to work on fixing the rest of the pictures and then I'll be back on for another update later.


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