Monday Chat

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend! It was cold and football watching filled one for me which I don't really mind Dh and his friends watch and I sit and read until something good and exciting actually happens in the game worth watching LOL! and then I sneak off to make some beads :) Marsha (my ever talented webmaster) is in the process of moving from Florida to Mississippi so she's been packing like mad and tomorrow is the big moving day it'll probably take her a few weeks to get settled I would say so rather than put the pressure of weekly updates on her the specials and updated to the site will be done here and there so new pieces of jewelry and bead sets will probably be going up soon but not specifically on tuesdays for a little bit. I'm taking this opprotunity to get a little more ebay active since I've been slacking a bit so I still have those 2 sets shown below up for bidding I think there is a day left on those and 3 new ones going up later today. One set is a smaller one called Autumn Harvest they are beautiful Fall colors that I had left over from another set I did for specials and then looked at them last night and decided to make more because they are such pretty colors. The other set is called Modern Sheep and yes there are 3 cute fluffy looking sheep and a bunch of really pretty black and white designed beads in the mix with cool orb like bubble dots I love to make. I've seen fellow bead maker Jewelia Lund (who I adore!!) make these cute little sheep and I fell in love with them! The third set is called Classical Mouse and it's red and white and black beads with 4 Mickey Mouse beads! My friend Carrie from CEM lampwork started making these and got me totally addicted to them they are soooo cute! Here are some sneak peek pictures below I'll link them to their auctions as soon as they go live so please be sure to check those out you'll love them they are such cool sets! Enjoy!!! I'll be on later for some more chatterings!


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