Monday chat

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Dh Joe and his brother got the new garage door up on Sat. Hopefully next weekend we'll get the new auto opener up and running. Saturday night the guys threw a big card game night which was hilarious to listen to and watch. Guys tend to get very silly during their "Man Time" as I like to call it LOL! Us ladies had fun too though, we practiced the art of chattering like hens and snacking on nachos and other selected junk food lol! Sunday we did some shopping and relaxing and just sort of winded down the weekend. Don't fret though, I know I had a busy week last week but I got caught up on my lampwork orders and managed to squeeze in some really pretty color combo special sets for tomorrow, not as many as I would have liked to get done. You'll also see 2 new beaded bookmarks added to the MISC. gallery, lot's of new earrings in various styles and colors, a gorgeous new bracelet and one spectacular new pendant also in the MISC. Gallery. Plus, finally all the new pieces that never got to go up last week! Today I'm juggling getting pictures done of the new items and working on bridal orders. I'll try to be back on later with more updates and hopefully a more specific time you can expect the Specials up. Have a great day!


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