It's Friday! Yippy Skippy!

This week just flew by! Geez I need to start thinking about my xmas shopping before the weeks just whiz by me and then I'm down to the wire and fighting the holiday shopping maddness! Today I've been working on custom orders and squeezing in some holiday beads here and there, I just can't resist , I have so many ideas flying around my head. Hopefully tonight I'll finish up on custom orders and get to work on new pieces and lot's of new beads and I think that is what I'll spend the weekend doing as well. Desert Dreams set is now SOLD and on it's way to it's new home in the UK it constantly amazes me where my beads end up! Anyhow I'm off for now to go back to working on fun stuff and I'll try to be back on later on for another little chat and update. Have a fantastic weekend!!!! P.S. Don't forget about Sweet Temptations on ebay it's such an awesome set!


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