yada yada yada

I'm running out of titles for my entries can you tell? LOL! Anyhow after a teeny tiny minor technical difficulty the BEAD SPECIALS are up! What else have I been up to? Lot's of bridal orders today and still more to finish up but I'm whipped so right now I'm going to be lazy for a bit, turn on the tube and relax. I got more goodies in the mail so more fun stuff to come soon.
What I'm Reading: Full House by Janet Evanovich (seems I can't get enough of her books lol!) Ten Big Ones is waiting for me next, then Full Tilt. Also I've got some jewelry and bead books and magazines to catch up on. I hope you enjoy all the cool specials that I added this week. I'm off for the night and I'll be back with more chit chat tomorrow and to update any sold bead sets etc. I'll try and get SOLD put up on them as soon as I can so there's no confusion etc.
Have a terrific night!


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