Hey Everyone! So the specials are all up! I ended up sneaking in an extra pair of earrings that I didn't think would get done in time and I finished them late but Marsha put them up for me anyways :) This week I'm concentrating on new necklaces. I've had lot's of designs sketched out and have just been waiting for the right gemstones that I think would fit the pieces nicely and so today I've started on some and will work on them through out the week to try and have them ready for next Tuesday for you. I finished a really pretty set of beads last night and am still trying to decide whether to etch them or not because I think the colors would look even more fabulous softly etched and I have another classic style set almost complete as well so you'll at least get two new bead specials next week hopefully more if I can get some custom orders finished up first. I'm off to go work on some necklaces and if I get anything completed I'll post a pic later on here on my blog for you all to peek at. Have a great evening!


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