Tuesday Specials!

Tuesday Specials will be up soon! 5 new beads sets in the Bead Happy Lampwork gallery, 1 new bracelet in the Lampwork Jewelry Collection, 1 new pair of (gorgeous) earrings, 1 new necklace, 2 new necklaces in the Bridal Suite, 1 new pair of earrings in the Bridal Suite and new Tiara's and headpieces, satin bridal purse & Bride's silver studded tote bag both found in the Extras of the Bridal Suite and lot's more! I went a little nuts in specials for the Bridal Suite this week but one of my most favorite pieces to be commissioned for is Bridal accessories and I have even more new items to add to the Bridal Suite in the coming weeks.
I love my
lampwork sets this week, I know, I know, I say that every week but I just can't help it. I have been having so much fun using new colors and trying new designs. Plus you all have been emailing me with such wonderful color combo's how could I resist:) The new lampwork bracelet that is going up in the Lampwork Jewlery collection in a little bit is sitting pretty on my wrist right now, I just couldn't help myself and I'm a bracelet hog so I thought I'd wear it while I write about it. Also there are tons of items going over to the clearance corner, BIG sale plus with the FREE SHIPPING I'm currently offering until the end of the month there are great buys to be made and it's the perfect way to get some x-mas shopping done too! You'll even find chandelier earrings on sale! I have to make room for all the new designs I'm constantly coming up with and what better way for new customers to get a taste of the Star Girl quality and style and for all my wonderful repeat customers to stock up and horde some wonderful accessories! LOL! So anyhow Specials coming up in a little bit and then I'll be back on later for another chat.


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