Thursday already?

Today I've been working non stop I even have blisters on my fingers! Been working on more Bridal orders and a custom necklace similar to the Autumn necklace except this one is 15 strands, yeah your reading correctly, 15!!!! and using 6mm and 8mm round crystals AB's I'll most definitly put a picture up in the custom gallery soon. It's a gorgeous piece and I've finally gotten it complete and put it on and Wowsa! It's gorgeous!
I recently sketched out a couple of really unique and absolutely fantastic earring designs and between last night and tonight I managed to create 2 of them and I'm in love! I'm definitly going to have to make myself my own pair. Running a low on fuel so I think I may just pull stringers tonight and get going on more of the combo suggestions you all have sent me tomorrow for next weeks bead specials. Now I'm off to go clean up my
studio a bit and possibly be back on later for another chat. Have a great night!


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