A much needed update:)

Where have I been?! Sorry I haven't chatted much this week, Joe's been on holidays and we've decided to stay close to home for his time off this time but we've been making the most of it and keeping busy with fun stuff. We went and saw "Without a Paddle" and we had tears streaming down our faces from laughing so hard it was quite a laugh of a movie I highly recommend it if you're in the mood for a hilarious comedy. Also done lot's of family events the whole quality time thing:) Today we went to Toledo, OH and went to the Toledo Museum of Art and it was fabulous we hadn't been there in about a year and half and they constantly update their exibits and their African exibit was awesome and they had the coolest (and HUGE) glass artist exibits so it was pretty spectacular to see these huge gorgeous pieces all created in glass and even lampwork beads and vessels too! It was Club Friday at the museum every week they have different events and tonight it was Blues night and there was this awesome band playing called Y3B (Your Basic Blues Band) and then we strolled down to the Rally By the River downtown Toledo and there were even more bands playing. The Museum offers fantastic lampworking and other art classes. I was going to join in on one with some friends for a holiday class that extremely talented fellow lampworker Tink from Blackswapglassworks.com will be teaching but I didn't realize until it was too late that the class sizes are limited to only 8 people for the lampworking and am now kicking myself for not signing up way sooner :( So anyhow this weeks been eventfull and busy and all in all it was really fun! I haven't been slacking though so no worries I've still been getting work done through out the day so lot's of orders will be shipping out soon and new items are being made for Tuesday Specials I have to say I have been slacking at the torch though I have 1 set completed and a bunch started but I'm still having so much fun with my new frits and glass that I've been skipping around experimenting rather than concentrating on creating specific sets so I'll hopefully have a few sets to offer but more so than anything I'll hopefully use some of these beads for some cool earrings and bracelets so it could go either way. Well no torch time tonight I'm off to finish up some jewelry orders and clean some beads.
Readers Corner: I've somehow managed to mess up the order of the Janet Evanovich series and skipped Visions of Sugar Plum which goes in between books 8 and 9 but I finally got it from the library and am almost done with it already and thankfully it didn't seem to make much difference in reading 9 first with this one since it was a holiday novella. Also very excited to get an email from Janet Evanovich complimenting my website and the Plum Series beads sets I created!! How exciting is that?! Hope you all have a fantastic weekend I'll be pulling a Saturday Giveaway Contest winner tomorrow and putting a new giveaway up for the next contest. I'll chat with you all more then!


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