Monday, with a few Tuesdays Specials a little early!

What a weekend! Since my nephew Giovanni's 1st B-day fell in the middle of the week he had his parties this weekend instead. So Saturday he had his kids party with all his little cousins on my brother in law's side of the family and friends and Sunday he had his family party from our side of the family so he really doubled up on cake and presents, smart kid lol! It was a blast and my sister called to report that he wanted to part of any napping today because he was too busy playing will all his new toys that he just couldn't be bothered for some shut eye :) Too cute!
Marsha got the
Bead Happy Beads up a little earlier this week so those are already available! Check those out and then keep checking back because there are 2 new pairs of fabulous earrings, a gorgeous sparkly for the Bridal Suite, plus some new items added to the Extra's in the Bridal Suite as well! So I hope you enjoy this weeks specials and I'll be back on periodically to update the Bead Happy so you'll know what's SOLD and what's still available. I'll leave you with a couple of cute pics of the birthday boy!


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