Getting ready for the updates!

Did the weekend fly by for anyone else? It was a very nice weekend but it went by way to quickly! Dinner, shopping, visiting with friends and family and watching "Eddie and the Cruisers." There I said it...I'm not ashamed...I'll admit it , I LOVE 80's movies! Now if I could just get my hands on "Who's that Girl."
I did get way more than I ever thought I was going to get done completed. I was commissioned to create this absolutely stunning bridal set so that is now going up in the Bridal Suite. I had another new Bridal Suite piece complete and finally managed to get pic's of it also. Plus 3 new necklaces that I really love the way they turned out I was a little worried my design might now pan out so well on the one piece but as I started working on it it turned out exactly as I had hoped! Also I'm adding a funky new bracelet it's quartzy with facets and links and sparkle I think I day dreamed that piece out in my head for at least a half hour before I finally sketched it out. Of course I have earrings too! How many, I can't remember? I think 2 new pairs. It has been one busy week rolling into the other. I'll have 3 new Bead Happy Specials up for offer this week and the rest of the week I'll be working on items for a jewelry show I'll be doing in a few months I'm not sure of exact dates yet but I'll post dates and locations for those of you who may be in the area and interested in attending. I'm not sure how many shows yet either , details are little to none right now so more on that later. Specials may not go up till later in the evening so I can give Marsha some recoverying time from Jeanne. I'm still waiting to hear from her and find out how bad thing got. I hope everyone who have had to endure Jeanne and all of the hideous storms this season are doing well.
So now you know what I've been up to and what you can expect for this weeks specials I may even throw in a suprise or two you never know. Last week I managed to sneak in an extra pair of earrings:)


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