wooo! It's a scorcher!

It is so hot! Today I'm going to concentrate on jewelry and a little less on lampworking because it is way to hot to have the torch running. Hopefully it cools off a bit tonight so I can work on your bead orders. Good new is that tomorrow it's supposed to be much much cooler and the rest of the week as well! I love it when the weather cooperated like that because I get so much more work done that way :) Yesterday I got to work some more new items! I think I'll keep working on even more throughout the week and then get pictures of everything at the end of the week to send to Marsha to put up on the new site so you guys can get a look and even order now instead of waiting until the new site is totally done, sound good? So in the mean time I'm off to to go work some more and make a quick run to the library to pick up another load of books I have on hold :) Chat more later! Stay cool!


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