Tuesday update

I survived the weekend! woohoo! It was a very fun and busy weekend we always enjoy being visited or visiting all of my family in Toronto and the reunion at the park was really fun too!

For jewelry news I have been getting lot's of things done! Hopefully all the pictures and new items will be on the new site and ready to go by the end of the month which will be exciting and you all get to see all the new pieces I've been working on. There is tons of new earrings and bracelets, several new necklaces, new Bridal pieces, new rings, new bookmarks, and a few other suprise new additions to the Star Girl Jewerly Collection.

Torch News: Still plugging away at custom orders with new designs for the buy now page in between. ******I'm now taking orders for pumpkin beads! Halloween is coming up quick and so I thought now is the perfect time to get going on pumpkin beads and ghosts and goblin beads too (which I'm still working on getting pictures up of soon.) The pumpkin's come in transparent orange and opaque Orange and are oh so cute! They look awesome with black beads, are great for bracelets espcially charms, make great pendants and earrings and are pretty much just waiting for you to create anything with them. I love Halloween I can't help it! It's such a fun holiday :) Tonight I'm itching to use some new colors that I haven't used either in a long while or at all yet so we'll see where that takes me. Hope you all had a great weekend! I'm so excited and appreciative at all the votes I've been getting! You guys are terrific and I'm so glad you are enjoying my site and the items I create for you. I'm kicking some hiney with all the votes on Top-25 and Artzee for the past several months now and I really want you all to know how much I appreciate it because it really is awesome! Also I know I haven't sent out a newsletter in a bit since I'm waiting for the new site to get complete but I'll have some sneak peek newsletters coming out later this week so you can all peek at some of the new items! Chat more later! Have a great day!


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