Friday, August 06, 2004

TGIF woohoo!

Busy day! Baby sitting that is :) Decided to watch my 10mth old nephew and let my sister and hubby go out of town for the night for a wedding. Nice quality time with a cutie who is oh so lovey and cuddly I'll have to post some pics up on my Bio page cause he's just too sweet I can never seem to stop kissing his little chubby cheeks and fingers and toes :) I did however get some really gorgeous new bridal sets done to add to the Bridal collection I have a few other designs I can't wait to whip up as well plus some more new earrings completed. This weekend we have family from out of town coming in for the weekend and a big family reunion BBQ planned for sunday. I'll be doing most of my work late at night this weekend so no worries your orders aren't being put off I'll still be working away on them :) I know I keep saying I have bead sets to put up and I promise I will finally get around to taking those pics and getting those up for you too so keep a look out or check back here for updates as well. Now I'm off to work a few book reviews for Elle Magazine so I can meet my deadline and then back to stringing some more gorgeous designs for you:) Have a great weekend!

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