Specials are up!

Specials day! yippy! Finally you get to see what I've been so excited about. I was really impressed with myself with the sets I'm offering. Pictures never seem to do them justice because these colors are just fabulous in person especially sitting in your hand and just looking at them and at all the tiny details I put into them on all sides they are just yummy if I do say so myself:) The new jewelry pieces will be up shortly I had to make an extra pair of the Gunsmoke earrings right off the bat because I love them and needed a pair for my self they're just so cool. I've picked up then next 2 books in the Plum Series so who knows what bead inspiration these new reads will hold for me. So I've got some more running around to do before I settle in to work so I'll be back later for more chit chat! Enjoy!


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