Quickie Update

New Bead Specials are on their way! I almost didn't want to put them up for sale I love the way they all turned out! So anyhow keep an eye out on the Bead Happy page because those will be up on TUESDAY! Tuesday is my new scheduled update day, new items will go up every Tuesday, jewelry , beads you name it if I have it you'll see it on Tuesdays. Have I mentioned Tuesday enough times yet? So mark your calenders for Tuesdays! lol I'll put out a email to subscribers to remind you all and also you'll hear from me probably every day right here on my blogger chit chattering away in between new specials and updates so no worries. Ok Good night and I'll be back to chat more later today/tomorrow depending on where you live :) !


wobbeegone said…
Yes don't forget TUESDAYS.
If she had it her way I'd be putting up stuff left and right all week long.
I'd never be able to get anything else done.
Star*Girl said…
Tuesdays! Tuesdays! Tuesdays! Just to be sure everyone's got the general idea :) Since Marsha will for sure kick my butt if I try to sneak them in on any other day :)

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