Oh it's Monday!

The weekend flew bye! I managed to get a lot done so I like those kinds of weekends were I can get work done and still go out and have fun doing weekend stuff :) Beads Specials are coming tomorrow to Bead Happy-ville. Some more new earrings, at least one new necklace , oh! scratch that 2 new necklaces maybe three and I'm pretty sure I have some bracelets going up tomorrow too.
OT Warning: (Just blubbering away, don't say I didn't warn ya!)
Other than that I need to quit dragging my feet today but it's not my fault Marsha dragged me blog hopping at 3 in the morning and if you ever blog hop you know if not let me explain. Example: if you look to the left side of my blogger under interests yada yada all the words are highlighted because you can click on them and it zips you off into blogger land and you click around and then next thing you know your reading the craziest, funniest, sometimes strangest onine diary/journals of complete strangers and quite frankly they should put a warning on these things because next thing you know it's almost dawn and you still nose deep in someone elses blog. Plus there's always something to comment about it and you just can't help leaving comments on these strangers bloggers.

And now for my shameless plug: shameless because it's my blogger and well... that's it it's mine so I'll plug here the funniest man on the web plus he's a really talented musician http://www.larrykim.blogspot.com and also go to his site and sign up for his contest at http://www.larrykim.net/ because me and Marsha are already planning the wedding! lol! Sorry Larry you should have known better than to get mixed up with a couple of crazy brawds like us, we tend to get carried away pretty easily:) Holy Cow! See?! It really is an addiction! I just left my blogger in the middle of blogging to you to visit someone else's blogger to see if they had updated yet! It's a sickness I tell ya! (This is all your fault and you know who your are...Marsha!)


wobbeegone said…
Hey don't blame me cause you don't have anything else to do.
Go have children and that will take up a little bit of your time.

Now I'm off to work and NOT Blog. Hop.
Star*Girl said…
I don't belive you I think your sneaking off to blog again! :) When I do finally stop procrastinating and throw myself into motherhood you'll have to baby sit all the time so I can blog though, deal?
wobbeegone said…
Step AWAY from the computer.
Don't you have some beads to pack? For me.
Anonymous said…
yea... go me!!! my name got mentioned, and nothing makes me happier. i have a smile stretching from ear to ear right now. by the way, the wedding plans, i think we need a bride, don't you think?

anyway, i went to your websites, and i had no idea you were a writer. i am doubly happy now because i have been recognized by someone who reads more books than comic books, and who can read and write above fifth grader level. i have no idea what marsha's background is (hahaha). shout out to marsha. love you babe.

anyway, i better get back to work. i am at work and for some reason i can't log on as me (larrykim), so i had to leave an anonymous comment. have a wonderful day, and i really wanted to leave a comment on your newer blog, but i don't know nothing bout no necklaces. now, if you make lingeries, i would have a lot to say. (just kidding, i don't know nothing about them either, other than i like to wear them once in a while when i go out to the gay bars... kidding again).

wobbeegone said…
All bow to Larry.
We've dubbed you, well actually I dubbed you, either way you've been dubbed, Your Grace.
So from now on we are going to refer to you in our blogs as Your Grace or His Grace.
I think it's most befitting.
Especially since I finally got the opportunity to wander through your site and fan club area and WHAT a cutie patooty you are! And I don't understand why there is no Mrs Kim, course if Mrs Kim caught you with the voluminous amount of woman that seem to drip off your side she'd most like be EX-Mrs Kim.
But if you're ever looking for a potential future EX-Mrs Kim, look me up. I'm moving to Gulfport in two months.
I have a child though. And two cats. And I suppose I better mention that I have a boyfriend but there's no ring on my finger and no date in the future nor will there ever be and look at me just running my mouth so I will shut it and go to work.
larrykim said…
marsha, marsha, marsha, you are sooooo sweet. why can't i meet a girl like you. i am so unlucky. but, thanks so much for your kind words, i feel so good about myself, i don't think i can go to sleep.

man, and i have to get up early tomorrow. stupid business trip to houston. my flight is at 630 am. that is just crazy. i am not a farmer, we have electricity, there is no need for anyone in this day and age to get up that early. it's crazy i tell you.
wobbeegone said…
Houston, we have a problem!
Larry I you're gone today and for who knows how long,
How, I say how! Will we get our Larry fix!
This is just crazy talk!

Oh and you can meet me! And Marianne too. I'll be in Gulfport in two months! And when Marianne comes down we've decided to be your unoffical groupies and certified stalkers.

But seriously, I finally got the chance to listen to your music files off your site and I am blown away. You rock on man!
If ever this gig for NASA doesn't pan out you can definately say you quit your day job for music.

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