The Movies

A bit of a OT but I forgot to mention earlier that we did not get to see the Village this weekend and found out from friends who did to save our money and rent it instead :( a bit of a disappointment. Instead we rented Butterfly Effect and it was fantastic! It's a very unpredictable, mind boggleing, fascinating movie and I was suprised that it didn't get more hype and fuss because it was awesome! Good to know that Ashton Kutcher can take on a serious role and not ruin it because he was really really great in this movie. I've got all my work done for the day so tonight I'm pulling an all nighter not on beads or orders but to watch The Whole 10 Yards which we also rented. It should be a funny one the first one had us holding our sides from laughing so hard so we'll see how the sequel measures up.

In jewelry news , the new site is really coming along and looking fantastic if I do say so myself:) More pictures are going up daily so keep a look out for all the new items I've been talking about because they will be popping up here and there very soon. The shopping carts will most likely be last so just email me your order if it's a new items that isn't on the current site and I'll add it to your cart that way because the carts on the current site are still up and running or you can email me your entire order like most of you do anyways:) I don't mind so no worries.
Congratulations to Saturday Giveaway winner Kimberly T. who picked the lampwork beads as her prize! Those are very, very vibrant and yummy beads I love using that aqua color with flowers. I decided since the beads were chosen that for the next giveaway I'll leave the earrings up for grabs so keep voting and thanks so much for all the votes and support and wonderfully nice emails I really appreciate and love to hear from all of you guys and not just because you voted but because you are all so very nice sending me cheery emails:) Thank you!!!!!


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