Midweek Update

Sorry didn't get to write much the last couple days it's been a busy week. The weather cooled down so nicely and was so looking forward to some torch time but it didn't happen so hopefully tonight I'll finally get a good torch play in. I have a new set hopefully I'll have some time to get pictures done and have it up soon I'll put it up on the buy now page and then if nothing happens it'll go to ebay later in the week. The new website is really coming along. I'm so excited about it and I so many new items to add. This past week I've been working on my own wire wrapping and forming. So look for very cool new designs with hand pulled spirals with a heavy gauge wire and even little spacer beads, you'll see :) So that's all for now I have some running around to do today before I settle back in for more work. Chat more later!


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