Monday, August 23, 2004

Later that day...

I'm just about to take pics of all the new items for tomorrow's update. I completed 2 new gorgeous multi strand necklaces and a new bridal style plus some earrings. I have two lamp sets that I have had started for a bit now but just need some more beads added to them and they are really cute sets I can't wait for you to see. One of them I was going to make into a trick or treat type of set because I thought it went along with the Halloween spirit in a different kind of way but then decided to make it a set of it's own instead so tonight I'm going to work on those sets and maybe one more if I have enough time. So I'm off to set up my pseudo photo shoot area and get these pictures going but I hope you all come back tomorrow and enjoy yourself looking around at all the new goodies!
C-ya Later!


wobbeegone said...

OH! Yeh and she sends me all this stuff and I get it all set up and ready to go and then she sends me another load of stuff RIGHT before it's time to update her site.

Yeah. Grrr.

Star*Girl said...

and you still have to put up BIG bead necklace still too but if she's got more stuff on the way your ganna be up to your ears with jewelry to put up! holy cow! God speed, best of luck, wish I could help somehow, if it's possible let me know.