Happy Friday!!!

Updates: So I didn't quite make it back on for another update last night :) ah, well. So today the lampwork pages went up still minor things to add but be prepared because I'm not sure when but pretty soon whether you use stargirlshop.com or stargirljewelry.com they will both take you to the same new made over site!

I'm bubbling with creativity today! I'm hoping to have some small sets for the buy now page up this weekend I'll post that here and in a newsletter for those requesting that so you'll have a heads up and I have some new pieces to finish up tonight. And for those of you wondering , the reason why some things on my site never say SOLD OUT or will say limited quanities is because almost everything on my site can be recreated I can produce more of them other times I use vintage one of kind components to create them and they are then listed as LIMITED or if there was only enough for one creation and it gets snatched up right away then it's most definitly SOLD OUT, just thought I'd clarify that because I do come across and enjoy using very unique beads and components that are one of a kind and unique and cannot be reproduced. So anyhow another thing that I was thinking about is on the new site I have created a new account for my top-25 voting so right now everyone has been using the old vote box and account to get me to where I am at on the list (which is very high up there! Thank you!!!) so don't panick if you don't see my votes continue to go up or eventually see two stargirl links on the top 25 because it'll all start over fresh at the 1st of the month anyways and I'm still counting everyones votes who email me to enter the giveaway no matter what so no worries. Good news though is Artzee account will still be the same so I hope you guys continue to vote because I'm proud to say I'm kicking some major patooty on that list thanks to you guys! lol!!!
What else, what else?... um... let's see I know I'm forgetting a bunch of stuff because my mind is racing right now with lot's of news and updates on top of lists of a million other things that I need to do so I'm going to go make my lists and then I'll be back on in a bit with some more updates.

One last quick thing: Please, Please, Please feel free to click on my chit chat posts and leave me comments for a little chat and even on my main page of the new site in my little shout box too! I added these features for you guys to enjoy as well and I'd love to hear from you all, don't get me wrong I enjoy all your emails too! but you can post messages for me here as well now!


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Taint3d said…
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Nod @ Pink Floyd
Star*Girl said…
Pink Floyd is awesome! Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blogger, rock on!

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