flying by!

I can't belive how fast this week is flying by! I have gotten a lot done this week though so at least that much is good:) If you are signed up for my newsletter you should have received a sneak peek at some new jewels today! I'll be sending out more sneak peek newsletters every so often until everything is ready to go on the new site. Poor Marsha is battling it out with Bonnie and Charlie down in Florida. The hurricanes are to hit land throughout the next several days and from the sounds of our last phone chat it's looking pretty terrible down there and the power keeps going out:( fingers crossed that the storms just sail around and veer off back out to sea instead.

I spent some fun time at the torch last night and got some more vessels done and a few large custom order heart focals. Finally caught up with all the other custom orders and I already have a pretty large batch of pumkin beads ready to go but those are already starting to go so I think I'll keep slipping a few more in here and there so I don't get bombarded with making only pumpkin beads otherwise I'll get sick of making them like I did last year :) I'm in love with my newest jewelry design called
Desert Sun it's a bracelet with one lone rose quartz surrounded by a gorgeous turquoise colored milky czech glass beads and heishi sterling silver spacers and my newest craze of silver spirals. I've been wearing the new bracelet all week and absolutely love it! I've fallen in love with making handmade wire wrappings and incorporating them into my designs. I've been making lot's of cute little charms and clasps and ear wires all by hand to form beautiful new designs I can't wait for you all to see. Tonight I have a new style of chandelier I'm going to work on. I think it's safe to say that no matter what length or size chandelier you wear they look great on everyone and I don't see them going out of style for VERY long time so now it's a matter of changing it ever so slightly for new fresh looks and so you'll see some of those on the new site as well. I personally love to go as long as humanly possible with styles I wear myself and I especially like the single long ear string shoulder dusting styles of the delicate chain with single design on the end long dangle style earrings as well so I'll have more of those coming soon too similar to the Cherry Dusters and Jasper Dusters.

If you aren't subscribed to my newsletter you can see some sneak peeks here as well. Here they are:
Here's 1 , and Here , and Here and oh yeah! Here too! Enjoy! and if you just can't stand to wait until they become available on the new site just drop me an email for more info!


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