contest giveaway news!

Congratualtions to Judy C!!! She won the beautiful "Embrace" earrings in the Saturday Giveaway! I just posted the next prize which is a gorgeous Turquoise and Rose Quartz bracelet and the next drawing will be Sept. 4th so keep voting and letting me know to enter and you could be the next winner!

Today I added a bunch of new sets and focal puffed hearts to the custom beads page and there is a vessel and 2 sets ready to go on the buy now page so be sure to check those out.

Now I'm off to go work on some custom veils for some brides and jewelry orders and then I'll be working on the new Star Girl addition that I've been mentioning so I can have that ready to go live with the new site at the end of the month! I'll some more sneak peeks this week and hopefully time to add some new bead sets as well. One thing at a time right? lol! I'll try to chat more later!


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