Saturday, August 21, 2004


Ok so I said I'd be back and I'm back! It's late but I'm still up working and about to head back up to the torch. I'm hoping to have some fun sets up for buy it now. The lampwork pages are looking awesome they are up and running and prices for the custom beads will get switched over tomorrow sometime. In the mean time I'm going to finish putting some finishing touches on a custom veil and then go make some more beads. I also got a really cool pair of earrings done that I think are really unique and comfortable to boot! I've been buzzing full of ideas today and I managed to sketch out a bunch of other designs that I'll be putting into effect over the weekend as well!
Reading Corner: Take a guess...if said another Stephanie Plum Mystery you are correct! Yup, I'm on "Seven Up" now I'e been flying through them unable to put them down I read book 6 in one sitting. I'm thinking a Plum bead set is definitly in order :) I'm puttering away at "100 Years of Solitude" it's a very slow read, lot's of characters to keep track of and kinda confusing, if you've read any of the books I mention I'd love to hear from you and your thoughts and comments on them. Feel free to post them here even!
and now I must go before I completely freak out because I just looked up for some strange but good reason and noticed a monster of a centipede hanging out right above me...hmm, maybe he's trying to read my blogger lol! Ok gotta go before he get's any strange ideas and I spaz out, creepy little critters, yuk!

Good Night more tomorrow!

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